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Chris Ratner, Founder - Frisco, TX

Entertainment is a huge focus for me as I’m dreaming big on developing an amazing entertainment destination called reelXperience. Our mission is just getting started and we decided to kick off an Internet magazine that focuses on what what we’re focused on: the entertainment experience. RXPm is the first step in getting to our goal and we’love be sharing with you what we love about entertainment experiences. RXPm is where we’ll deliver great insights on the amazing experiences that are out today, those that are in development for tomorrow, and those that we will be delivering under the reelXperience brand.


Deana Marie Kirsch, Social - Las Vegas, NV

Over the years I have visited Nubia, Camelot, Greece, the French Riviera, Beaumont Sur Mer, and Wonderland; I’ve hung out with vampires and done a little time on the Line. I met the Devil through a Sex Scandal and then ran off to join the circus. I played in Jersey with some very handsome boys until I was lured away by a rose, a rabbit and a lie. But my travels are only half the story. That reminds me, did I ever tell you about my unexpected face to face with Sigourney Weaver… 

Susie Ratner, Co-Founder & Editor - Frisco, TX

I am surrounded by gadget gurus and entertainment junkies who happen to be my husband and kids.  I think I represent the voice of the average consumer, especially the consumer that loves to be immersed in nostalgia.  I love movies, music, TV and pop-culture and I love to be entertained and I definitely experience grief when my favorite shows go on hiatus.  Yet my passion for the next release of Star Wars, Jurassic World or Ghostbusters are not marked on my calendar,  yet I approach them with anticipation and excitement.   I don’t know every line of Back To The Future or Raiders of the Lost Ark, but I love to escape when I watch them.  I speak for all of us who are like me, not an expert, but a woman who enjoys all kinds of entertainment.

Stephanie Burdette, Contributor - McKinney, TX

I'm a full-time wife and mother of two young boys and a full-time career-woman who fondly recalls her former life as a Disney performer and the incredible feeling wrought by bringing to life magical experiences for others.  She often longs to once again create enveloping experiences for others, so that they may step out of their realities for a while and partake in the surreal.