Chris Ratner invited to Join Discussion Panel @ Digital Hollywood, Oct. 21

For DIGITAL HOLLYWOOD, there’s a new concept in town. It’s a brand new, completely immersive movie-going concept from reelXperience Entertainment, which officially debuted at CinemaCon earlier this year.

reelXperience Entertainment is a premier entertainment destination that integrates technology, film, gaming, live action and dining experiences into a world that will blur the lines of fantasy and reality. In an atmosphere tailored to each film presentation, guests transition through various levels of exciting Hollywood experiences, from walking down the red carpet to being drawn into live performances during recreated movie scenes. In this age of instant multimedia options at our fingertips, reelXperience creates an engaging opportunity for film, theater and gaming enthusiasts to leave the house and have a reelXperience!

reelXperience Entertainment CEO Chris Ratner will be speaking about immersive cinema at DIGITAL HOLLYWOOD next week and is available for interviews. reelXperience Entertainment is set to launch their first interactive entertainment venue in 2017 with a mid-2016 pop-up event.

Speaking details are below:

What:    Speaking panel: Immersive Cinema in Out of Home: From Theme Parks to Movie Theaters and Amusement Parks

When:    Wednesday, Oct. 21 2:30 – 3:30 p.m.

Where:   Session II – Ballroom Terrace (Ritz Carlton, Marina del Rey)

Chris Ratner, Founder reelXperience Entertainment, LLC
Matthew Gratzner, Co-  Founder / Creative Director, New Deal Studios
Dan Jamele, Vice President/CTO, MediaMation
Sang Cho, Chief Content Officer, CJ 4DPLEX America
Kevin Williams, Consultant and writer, KWP, Moderator (former Imagineer)


DALLAS (April 20, 2015) – In a high-tech age when time-pressed moviegoers long for authentic, memorable entertainment, reelXperience Entertainment introduces a completely new concept in feature film exhibition that transports viewers away from daily reality and truly brings movies to life in a spectacular interactive movie experience...