Breaking Bad Habits...Riiight!

Breaking Bad fans check this out!  Targeting Summer 2016, the second Walter's Coffee Roastery location (currently in Istanbul, Turkey) will be opening in Brooklyn, New York.  This Breaking Bad inspired coffee shop will contain intimations of the show; from the HazMat suits and masks to the periodic table of elements labeled coffee cups and chemistry-coffee brewing-sets.  As this is not a themed establishment, it will not so much be a full immersion into the Breaking Bad experience, but should be a totally wickedly fun place to hangout!

The owner and creator of Walter's Coffee Roastery, Deniz Kosan was inspired by the show Breaking Bad to bring to the public a fun place to enjoy the rare triple-threat hang-out...more like a have the awesome Breaking Bad inspired surroundings, potentially amazing coffee, ridonkulously comfy amenities to rest your tush, Wi-Fi and outlets (so you can ensure your equipment hangs as long as you do).  Coffee bitch!