Going to the movies is about to get real with innovative entertainment experience set to launch in 2017  

DALLAS (April 20, 2015) – In a high-tech age when time-pressed moviegoers long for authentic, memorable entertainment, reelXperience Entertainment introduces a completely new concept in feature film exhibition that transports viewers away from daily reality and truly brings movies to life in a spectacular interactive movie experience.

With more than a year of development already completed, and additional investment and partnership opportunities available for a planned launch in 2017, reelXperience Entertainment is a premier entertainment destination that integrates aspects of feature films into live interactive performances and sets inspired by the motion pictures. The result is the ultimate immersion experience, with the magic of the movies coming to life right before guests’ eyes.

Full details and a preview are available on the company’s website at Company founder Chris Ratner is available for interviews or information at CinemaCon, April 20-23, 2015.

In an atmosphere tailored to each movie performance, guests transition through various levels of thrilling Hollywood experiences, from walking the red carpet to being drawn into live performances during re-created movie spectacles. “We provide several levels of immersive experiences before, during and after a visit to reelXperience. It’s like getting the thrills and excitement of a theme park, but in a relaxing, inviting and social environment. You’ll love going to the movies again, because it’s a special event,” said founder and CEO Chris Ratner.

The first of many planned venues contains everything needed for an exciting daytime or evening event that can last upwards of six hours, including a restaurant where guests are transported as a movie world is brought to life with actors while they dine on movie-inspired cuisine. The main attraction happens behind the doors of the Grand Theatre. Guests will see new films and past favorites in a completely new way, with an immersive twist that will captivate and excite the imagination.

“An opportunity to become the star is everyone’s fantasy, and only a few really get to enjoy that kind of celebrity,” said Deven May, entertainer and reelXperience creative director. “Everyone gets to come, play and be a star. We even have paparazzi on our team to capture the red carpet moments.”

“The timing is right to offer a new and fun take on the movie-going experience, with 2014’s box-office attendance at its lowest since 1995,” said Chris Ratner. “With content available on demand through television and mobile devices, moviegoers need something thrilling and novel to get them off the couch and out of the house. The numbers tell us that they’re choosing other entertainment – from trips to Las Vegas to puzzle rooms, from scavenger hunts to comic cons. reelXperience makes going to the movies an exhilarating, authentic experience to bring people back to the movies, and presents an incredible new partnership opportunity for the film industry and advertisers and other partnerships.”

reelXperience Entertainment also offers personalized MicroCinemas where guests can host a private event for any occasion with programming of their choice, from movies to sporting events and even video games. Each film presentation will include a carefully curated “museum store” where guests can revel in the magic of the historic silver screen. Replica and actual props and costumes from the motion pictures will be available for viewing and photos, and guests can purchase memorabilia related to the film they have just seen.

“Nothing quite like reelXperience exists anywhere. The GoPro generation is all about experiencing things, and we’re bringing the film experience – one of America’s beloved traditions – to life in an atmosphere that drenches all of your senses,” said Darwin Lucas, an Advisory Board member for reelXperience Entertainment. “Not only is this opportunity good for studios and audiences, but it’s good for communities, by attracting tourism and corporate partnership opportunities and employing hundreds in any city where reelXperience Entertainment opens.”

 About reelXperience Entertainment LLC

reelXperience Entertainment LLC, based in Frisco, Texas, is bringing the movies to life for every generation. Founded by entrepreneurs Chris and Susie Ratner, the company anticipates a launch in 2017, with additional locations planned. For more information, go to or connect on Facebook on the reelXperience page.



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