Bloggers Wanted

reelXperience Entertainment is looking for part-time bloggers who want to grow their online personality and experience reporting on the exciting world of immersive experiential and hyper-reality entertainment. In exchange for your investigative and creative services, reelXperience Entertainment will provide you the platform to post your views, ideas and commentary on all things experiential and hyper-reality entertainment.

This includes covering local events, theme parks, theatre, shows and screen entertainment that are or will be available to the public. Our goal is to inform our readers and let them know what's going on out there in the growing and exciting experiential space.

We're looking for bloggers who: 

  • can write reasonably well, proof their own work
  • love sharing their opinions and ideas
  • are interested in growing an entertainment segment
  • can perform investigative research on a wide range of topic
  • aren't easily offended by silence, comment trolls or foul language
  • have a personality, voice and/or image that can be used in social media

Some of the perks you'll receive:

  • praise
  • having fun
  • schedule flexibility
  • experience, your name out on the web as an author
  • tickets to fun things (that you'll need to write about) 
  • be a part of startup that is growing a new entertainment industry 
  • engaging with pioneers in experiential technology and artistry 
  • travel to exotic places to check out the latest and greatest experiential events

If you're interested in joining the future of entertainment, please drop us an email to tell us more about you and your vision for writing about entertainment at along with an example of your writing (something short, please). We'll get back in touch with you within 24 hours.